Implants-product-hero-1We're committed to delivering you correct, implant manufacturer-made impression posts - completely free.

All we need from you is your manufacturer's information on the implant(s) order that's been placed -- that's it!

We'll take care of the rest.


From your first case to your last, Jesse & Frichtel will take on these responsibilities at NO COST to you:

  • Delivery of the correct impression parts required by the FDA’s 510K on every implant system.
    • Exceptions may need to be made when restoring older implant cased that impression parts made by the manufacturer are no longer available. Please call 888-868-6684 if you have older implants and need help -- we have become experts!
  • Sponsorship of up to three UPS shipments, all before you send in you first implant!
  • Digitization of your patients' cases utilizing CAD/CAM capabilities.
  • Partnering with every major implant company to create your custom abutments with the final restoration in mind and milled by your implant manufacturer.
  • Fulfill all FDA requirements.
  • Keep your patient's implant warranty intact.


Start your next implant case with a free impression post that will not void your warranty!

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Jesse & Frichtel Dental Labs accepts digital impression files from all major intraoral scanners. View your preferred scanner’s digital protocols to send your file to our labs. We also accept files from the following scanners: Dental Wings Virtuo Vivo™, Straumann® CARES®, Planmeca Emerald™, E4D NEVO, Condor®, Adin VIZ®, and any other scanners capable of producing an open .STL file.


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