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You provide information on
implant placement.

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We send you an impression post,
absolutely free of charge, you take the
impression & send it to us.


We create a model & our German-trained
technicians (MDTs) analyze abutment designs.


We design patient-specific abutments
using CAD/CAM or modified stock.


Stress-free implant appointment.



GUARANTEED to Not Void Your Warranty


Send us your implant case and we’ll return your restoration in no time!

Impression posts are complimentary when the associated full case is completed with Jesse & Frichtel Dental Labs.

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Jesse & Frichtel Dental Labs accepts digital impression files from all major intraoral scanners. View your preferred scanner’s digital protocols to send your file to our labs. We also accept files from the following scanners: Dental Wings Virtuo Vivo™, Straumann® CARES®, Planmeca Emerald™, E4D NEVO, Condor®, Adin VIZ®, and any other scanners capable of producing an open .STL file.

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